Wherever Trouble Strikes – GB Aid Gets There First

So many strange things are going on around us and in the greater world.  Conflicts that seem to blow up out of nothing – chaos reigns in some of the less developed parts of the world and at times it does feel as if the entire planet is at loggerheads with itself.   A lot of information or disinformation reaches us very quickly these days via social media and electronic new gathering – whereas in days of yore, news of conflict and trouble abroad would have taken weeks or months to reach our shores and there would be very little any of us could do about it.  Nowadays though we have access to all areas of the globe at the touch of a mobile phone, the ability to arrange flights and accommodation as necessary.  Where there is conflict though, it has to be left to the right agencies to organise deploy and organise their experts and volunteers in the field.   It is so often a British task force going out to the troubled area first.  For a tiny wee country, we do have a name for this kind of heroism and most of us are insanely proud of our reputation for this!