Taking The Credit for Controlling Company Debt

When businesses are struggling with cash flow, even today when instant payment up front for most transactions seems to be the way to operate, there are still companies that offer credit in the form of sending out invoices with set payment period.    When the customer fails to make payment by this deadline then it’s routine to send reminders.  If then the payment is not received, enquiries must be made and payment extracted somehow.  This is where a formal credit controller comes into their own.   Entry requirements for a college course to become a credit controller do vary but a college course, or apprenticeship would offer long lasting careers.  Working in an accounts department, starting as a financial assistant really gives a thorough grounding.  As with all roles, you learn most from working in the industry and from the bottom up gives a wholly rounded view of the problems that a customer may have.  To become a credit controller with bite is challenging but with the role comes absoslute  respect from customers and colleagues alike!