Rethinking How To Grow What We Need

Well, that Christmas period passed without too much hassle this year – hurrah for common sense and a very versatile buying regime!  The business community are very edgey at the moment – many company officers are easily influenced by the doom  merchant brigade and are desperately whining about how britian will liose out on this item or that because of brexit.  It’s going to be inconvenient, that’s for sure, but this country has always stepped up to the plate in real emergencies before – not the sort that only means we may have a shortage of salad crops for the lunch plate in March.  No, I mean realy emergencies, such as during world war 2, when digging for britain was in operation and land girls looked out for all the best working practices.  We need to revisit this pioneerig spirit and bring out the brilliance of the british companies and their workforces.   Maybe companies could utilise their rooftops and have garden clubs!