Patents & Trade Mark Attorney – Specialisms Indeed

Many of the roles within the legal establishments can be quite easy to imagine and we know that we seek the services of a solicitor if we ever want to buy or sell property.   Or if we run into a spot of trouble with the law, sometimes a solicitor is involved to advice and represent someone.  Another very different role is that of patent attorney – these are very much in demand in this fast paced world of technology.   They are specially trained in drafting patents and have to have extensive and unparalleled knowledge of intellectual property law as they lead inventors or companies through the process of obtaining a patent.  They often get involved in actions to enforce an inventor’s rights if it’s thought they’ve been infringed.  Having a clear underatanding of the processes that inventors and manufacturers have needed to use if essential and this is a role that involves a great deal of technical and legal terminology.   A patents attorney asses whether inventions are new and innovative enough to be eligble to be patented.