Passing Out Of Another Elizabethan Era

There cannot be anyoine in this country who has not noticed the change of PM at no.10, and we have our third woman prime minister.  This is history making from the point of view that she won a very small but spirited contest to take over as leader of the tory party and was thus invited by the late queen to form a government.   We did not appreciate that at the time, on 06 September, which was incidentally 25 years from the date of the late Princess of Wale’s funeral, that this would be the very last sighting of her and that the canidate was the very last PM to enjoy the ceremonial ‘kissing of the hand’ which is performed at that time.  The queen had been very poorly for weeks so could not travel down to London, so the Londoner travelled up to Balmoral and we saw the very frail queen shake hands and make small talk for the cameras.  Only 2 days later came the unexpected news of her sudden death.