Organisations That Care For Less Fortunates

We have some truly wonderful organisations in this country – they cover a mass of different areas.  There are the groups that look after small businesses and give guidance on how to start up, and once you have, how to keep it going. . . . .  There are experienced folk who can mentor a newbie on the best way forward and how to find a good accountant;  how to fund the business when expansion needs it;  finding good property for an office etc.  There are also the folk who have already made it up the ladder and are now reaping the benefits.  They are the ones who are grateful for any help they got when they started and are keen to give back to society.  These are good folk who run charitabale institutions like the rotarians and masons.  some are little too secertive for most folk but there is n doubt there is a lot of good produced by the members for the community as a whole.  They do massive fund raising and will always support less fortunates in any area.  It’s what business to business is all about.