Online Onslaught Changing High Streets For Ever

The current state of flux we see ourselves in makes a difficult trading climate just that bit more challenging.  We already have downturns in footfall through the shopping malls.  This is due to the amazing growth in online sales.  It really does annoy me personally when I’m trying on a garment in store, can’t find exactly the size/colour combination I want and when asking at the till, they chirp happily that I can order it online.  I point out that online sales are putting them out of their jobs.   Of course, the shop assistants are instructed to highlight the online side of the business – but really it seems a shame that so many stores are shutting their doors because of it.  We are in danger of losing our high streets completely to empty shops, charity shops and cheap good outlets and just vandalism.  I park away from my high street and make a point of buying whatever can be bought there – and I encourage all my friends and colleagues, but I think I’m a one man band!