New World Business Studies

To get into the world of business information services you first need to get into a business.  The only way of finding out how business works is to be in the hub.  In the old days it was normal for school leavers to get a job in an office or bank and become the junior – filing clerk, jack of all trades who filled in the gaps and learned each job from the bottom up.  This was ok for someone who was not expected to go right to the top and be on the board of directors.   It gave a real grounding into how the secretarial and administration side got the interacted with customers and suppliers.  Working on the switchboard – the facility for incoming phone calls to be directed to desk phones around the building . . . demonstrated just how many departments were needed to keep the firm operating and in business.  These days everything is online – computerised information systems are vital.    Todays business student will learn about interdisciplinary systems at college covering modern technology, system design, application development, client side programming etc.