Major Customs Changes Post Brexit

There are so many things changing right now as a result of the brexit arrangement finally kicking in.  Everything we buy from abroad has to be imported under different rules.  Becaue the negotiations with the EU went to the wire, there has been very little time for everybody to catch up with what they need to do now.  However there has been guidance on the government web site on what was likely to be needed if this happened or that didn’t happen.    For example goods sent to anyone in UK from outside the EU will have to be declared to customs correctly or they will very lijely be seized.  Customs declaration forms will now need to be completed.  These cane either be done by the sender or the importer can complete forms before the items go through customs but this of course takes time and will delay the arrival of the goods.  So much new informatio is needed by businesses, individuals that information service providers will be very busy for ever!