Looking Back To How Farms Used To Operate

It does seem absolutely ages since the big referendum to decide wheher we are staying in europe or coming out.  The vote was in fact in June 2016 and that’s almost 3 years ago  The to’s and fro’s of this exercise couldn’t be believed if we hadn’t seen it all with our own eyes.  The fear merchants have had a field day and I’ve been surrounded by folk whining and moaning on about how we’ll have to go without this commodity or that.    The most annoying of these were the ones bemoaning that letttuces will be in short supply in March.  So what – we ever used to have lettuces in March way back before we joined europe.  Our farmers had to farm all year round and grow crops only at certain times.  We didn’t import massive lorry loads of food that had to be transported across thousands of miles before it reached our somewhat sparse lunch tables.