Knowing Basic Employment Law To Offset Problems

There are many areas of running a business that require a bit more than just knowing how to answer a telephone and give a quick quote down the phone.  With so many things that can affect how the firm performs and retains that customer’s trust and loyalty, it is vital that those in charge of running companies know where to obtain corporate legal services and general advice about running any business today.  Of course, there is going to be a massive change in the pipeline now that we are fully into brexit – our laws and statutes have been governed entirely from european courts and one of the major points of brexit was to loosen ties to that so we will be  operating under our own system which has to deliver the same impartiality, and security of knowledge by the judiciary in any cases eventually ending up in court.  Lack of knowledge is no defence in any area of the law and employment law is certainly one discipline requiring the boss or HR department to know exactly what they are doing or to pay an agency that does.   There are so many little companies that do not give out contracts of employment and don’t hand out wage slips – just two simple little things but they are critical to ensure the boss does not find himself facing a claim in the tribunal.