Infinitite Variety Of Civil Court Decision Making

There are many cases go through the courts each year and to most folk, we have absolutely no connection with anyone attending a court or having justice handed down in one.  Sometimes a high profile case will appear in the Supreme Court or in London at the High Court, and of course, the Old Bailey – the most senior criminal courtroom, known throughout the world.   Civil justice is mainly dealt with in couunty courts but once something takes on a more substantial nature, it transfers up to the High Court.   Small claims are handled at county level, recovery of debts between parties but when it involves large or excessively complex cases between multi national companies, then that goes to the High Court.   A Civil ase has hearings in open court which allows public attendance.    There are also cases that are heard privately in the Judge’s chambers which exclude public audience and also separate cases that are decided by the Judge sitting alone, making a decision solely from the papers in the case.