How European Legalities Still Rule Supreme

The changes brought about by brexit will take a long time to work their way through every system we have running in the country.  Be they industrial, commercial, educational, religious, and legal – to think of just a few.   We are currently under the regime of the european court of law for everything in our statutes.   The european court of human rights is turned to in every legal argument when folk don’t accept they were misguided in bringing a tribunal case for example.  I used to work in one legal field and may claimants would wear themselves in to the ground with their silly arguments with team colleagues and bosses.  When they lost their cases – generally those who were blind to the common sense end of arguments, they would decry the legal system, accuse the judges of bias etc.  then after very lengthy investigatory actions, they’d still lose.  But they don’t give up – no, that last recourse is the european court of human rights.   But thankfully,  very few actually won there either.