Getting Advice Well Before Staking A Claim In Court

There are certain areas of the law that can easily be advised upon and informatin found that make taking a trouble maker to court so much easier than in other cases.   Many folk don’t have any idea what’s involved in the courts system and many start proceedings against an adversary without the full knowledge of court workings.   Anyone working in the court system, especially in a public facing role, will know that you are not allowed to give any advice as regards anyone’s case.  Claimants in employment tribunals used to ring up and try to find out if they had a good case or not.  Obviously no one was allowed to say anything of the sort.  We used to suggest they got legal advice pretty quickly – in the hope the ones with the seemingly weak cases would be gently pushed in the direction of withdrawing with honours before making a classic fool of themselves.  At least claimants had access to Citisens’ Advice staff and sometimes pro bono free barrister representation.  The employer side did not have these facilities and had to fork out for advice themselves.