Exporting Just Needs Customs Declarations

There are many different ways of looking at start up businesses.  Until we left the EU, there would be hundreds of young and eager europeans living over here and starting their road to business success.  Having a UK base was always a good thing as a world leader in buiness and banking.   Shipping stuff to europe was a breeze as there were no tarrifs or taxes – just the cost of delivery.  There is a different landscape now though and the transition period could be longer.  However, there is absolutely nothing to stop anyone starting a business to export anything anywhere.  We have always needed licenses to ship certain goods to the rest of the world that is not europe.   Export companies have always prepared the paperwork for big businesses – in fact of course its all done online and no one sees a form anywhere.  Essential though however small the goods, it is necessary to complete some sort of customs declaration to ship anything anywhere outside UK. Most overseas companies who import a lot will have a corresponding import agent who overseas this side of their business.