Ensuring You Operate A Business Legally

One of the things that the novice entrepreneur will very often forget is the legal side of running the business.  There are many sides to this which come up in an obvious ‘in your face’ way such as knowing you’ve got the rent for the office or how much tax you should be paying at the end of your accounting year.   There are also many others that are in the background and sometimes come out to bite you when things go wrong.   Business services are very much inovlved in advising small companies of their basic responsibilities and how to ensure they stay legal and solvent.  If you use other people’s services, if they have an accident whilst carrying out work for  you, are  you liable for payout ?  Have you all the relevant and necessary insurances for running a business from your home?  Many insurance policies absolutely forbid running any enterprise from a domestic house without their express permission and to be found breaking this rule will render your policy invalid.  If the injured party takes you to court, you probably will not have access to the legal cover available on most domestic policies.   This must be checked.