Elections Over, Time To Get Businesses Moving

Well what an exciting few weeks we’ve been through.  Since the seriously bad referendum in 2016 that was so badly worded as to cause far more strife and anger than anyone imagined, we now have things falling into place rather more spectacularly than hoped.  Whatever side of that divide, we do now need to move forward as a country and the best way is going to be for politicians, the ones we have now voted in so recently, to get down to the nitty gritty and work together to bring stability to the whole.   I have been amazed at the scenes on tv news – one particular chap who was never going to accept the slim majority in favour of our leaving the eu.  Whatever arguments were put before him, he has steadfastly rfused to listen and accept compromise.  Businesses need to be given pointers to get out there and find their trading routes.  It will all be different and it definitely won’t be a walk in the park but we have the brightest brains here and the will to get on and get the Great back into great britain.