Commercial Law Has Many Branches & Specialisms

When running a business, large or small, there will come a time when legal advice will be needed.  There is a vast differece between how domestic. civil cases and anything that concerns a business which are also known as commercial, mercantile , or trade law.    Branches of commercial law include companies law which covers corporate law and governance.  Competition law which involves the meaty business of antitrust and consumer protection.  Then comes contract law which looks at environmental law.  Another separate section is intellectal property law which deals with arguments over who actually owns the rights to a name of a product.   Patent, copyright and trademark laws are all within contract law.  This heading also covers international trade law and labour law.    The headings of claim are vastly differing and require their own specialist practitioners.   Legal remedies and damages for infringing any aspect of commercial law can be punative, which makes it critical that any company ensures they are fully covered for any such legal action or advice needing to be sought.