General Respect When The House Is Sitting

The peculiar world of politics never stops.  There are usual recesses during which 'the House' is on holiday and MPs of all parties have a few days 'rest'.  [...]

Back Stabbing & Political Merry Go Round

What a mad world we seem to find ourselves in.  In 2010 the change in government brought about a rather unsteady coalition between very unsteady bedfellows, [...]

Succeeding in Presenting Claims In Person

Ah the happy sound of summer holidays - the legal profession can take a bit of a slow down.  There are often less cases heard in court during the July - [...]

Plotting And Intrigue – Nothing New There Then

Ah the trials and tribulations of the political office world.  One minute we are swimming along, making uncertain but reasonably stable progress.  Austerity [...]

Political Pundetry Takes On A Bullying Edge

Well of all the times to be typing a blog about anyting to do with politics.  We have just had another general election and unexpectedly, instad of the mini [...]

Successful Business Planning Can Be Your Oyster

The subject of How To Be A Sucessful Business Woman must surely be one of the most hoped for titles of autobiography out there today - we love someone who has [...]

Snap Election Announcement Stuns The Pollsters

All change again at the top - how many more polls and elections are we to endure we ask ourselves!  I must say whilst watching a light weight afternoon chat [...]

Walking Before Running On New Business Legs

Getting over the easter holidays and looking forward to the rest of the summer months can be a minor but welcome distraction occasionally.  The winter was [...]

Letting Grievances Go Might Help Make You Top Dog

When businesses start from the kitchen table - that brilliant business plan that came about from chatter over last night's dinner.  It is so very exciting to [...]

Times Changing And Working Practices Overhauled

In these challenging times for businesses, there are always more things to be taken into consideration with respect to employing people, manufacturing for UK [...]