Cases Won & Lost On Technicalities

There have been some fascinating court cases in the press and daily news broadcasts recently.  It’s amazing how litigeous the world of celebrities has become.   So many people love reading the newspapers when they’re full of gossip  – about everybody else of course – but when the reporters get closer to home and start meddling in their own affairs, recourse to the courts seems to be bewilderingly simple to start.  Though many of the outcomes are not often what the claimant anticipates.    Many cases are won and lost on technicalities.  One notable one involving a huge national newspaper chain was lost because they printed over 40% of the supposedly private and confidential letter, subject of the case, instead of what the 30% judge thought would have been more prudent.  He did not rule they’d broken privacy or copyright rules persay, it was on the amount they chose to reprint.    And for once, everyone was so disappointed that the newspaper lost!  so annoying was the party taking out the legal action, rather unusually.