Business Leaders Need To Start Working On No Deal

There are so many things going on politically in this country, it’s very difficult to know where we’re at.  As parliament is about to shut down for their rediculously long holidays, everything has to come to a halt.  All the wished for debates and white papers that didn’t get an airing in the last session will now be lost and it all starts fresh after the holidays.  Except this year because of the mad and really crazy situation over our departure from the eu, there really should be some more urgency put in to the whole of business life.  To the amateur non business owning observer, it all seems chaotic – the referendum was over 3 years ago and folk must have realised then there was a chance we’d get to the final hurdle and still be without any deal – the eu didn’t want us to upset their very comfortable apple cart and they’re of course, making it as difficult as possible now.  But business leaders have had all this time to put contingency plans in to place – but everyone seems to be expecting the government to do it all.  I don’t know where the business entrepreneurs are – the go getters and fortune makers.  Where’s that pioneering spirit upheld as a possible overly rose-tinted victorian idyll in our minds?