Business Law Covers Much In The Commercial World

What exactly do we mean by the word Business?  For some departments of government, it can mean many different things and they have these laid out in the rather fantastic government web site.  I’m not a mad keen politico, in fact I try to avoid the subject as much as possible.  But to learn how this country runs and what is needed to keep it all running smoothly, from how businesses run to how the legal system works, is allof grat interest to me.  Business law in the UK for example deals mainly with the rules and regulations connected with dealings, negotiations etc.  In fact the world of business is so fraught at times that it has its own sector enshrined in the laws of the land.  A business lawyer working for a conglomorate such as a massive county council for example will be responsible for ensureing that all their transactions and contractural obligations are legal and appropriate.  it is the in-house legal team’s responsibility to ensure that every department follows the company code of conduct and that what it asks employees to do on their behalf is just as legal and appropriate.