Back Stabbing & Political Merry Go Round

What a mad world we seem to find ourselves in.  In 2010 the change in government brought about a rather unsteady coalition between very unsteady bedfellows, and we entered a painful period of austerity to clear the previous massive budget overspends.  Then in 2015 it seemed to me that my dreams had been answered, a tory government that could stand on it’s own two feet and they managed without the limpets of the coalition.  I was pleased in that my small investment portfolio immediately made satisfactory progress and has carried on doing so.

This last year has been utterly chaotic though.  The 2015 cabinet managed to put us in the stupid position of calling a referendum about remaining in europe or not.  The messy result has caused us to look rediculous to most of those posturing in Brussells.   I personally worry about the financial world taking their main offices out of the City.  What happened to Great britainnia – yikes!