Succeeding in Presenting Claims In Person

Ah the happy sound of summer holidays – the legal profession can take a bit of a slow down.  There are often less cases heard in court during the July – September period due to barristers and solicistors taking annual leave.  Without these folk, the court cases cannot take place.  Not all jurisdictions are the same – there is definitely a dip in the number of cases in employment tribunals during this period.  But of course, the criminal cases tend to still roll on.   It is always so busy in the court system that they cano really afford not to hold as many in any court per day as possible.

Getting the right legal team in any litigation is absolutely paramount.  Claimants can just about wing it on their own in an Employment Tribunal, in fact many do a very good job.  The plan was always to make these ones easier for the claimant to present themselves without recourse to legal teams.