Plotting And Intrigue – Nothing New There Then

Ah the trials and tribulations of the political office world.  One minute we are swimming along, making uncertain but reasonably stable progress.  Austerity being the byeword for every reason not to invest, not to spend anything, not to employ, not to expand.  Then came the rather bizarre referendum that threw the country into turmoil.  The funadmentals of the democratic process in this tiny but critically important little nation seem to have been totally misunderstood by a massive ratio of the younger population.  I have never heard so much moaning and whining and desires to overturn the result.  I have heard some of the older more experienced pundits reminding everyone that the voting system here is simple, the team for whom the most votes are counted wins the contest.  We are now reeling from the recent, needless general election.  Back-biting, instability and revolution in the air.   Politicians. Voters. Who needs them?!