Political Pundetry Takes On A Bullying Edge

Well of all the times to be typing a blog about anyting to do with politics.  We have just had another general election and unexpectedly, instad of the mini landslide victory for the conservatives, there is a hung parliament.  This is not such a barrel of laughs as the numbers are very tight.  With some jiggling around and flirting with a minor party or two, the conservatives would be able to stay in power, although whether their current leader can escape as lightly as she hopes, this remains to be seen.

I have found the political correspondent on the BBC to be really unnervingly rude and bombastic with attitude.  I’ve cringed when some of the bullying questioning is shown.  I don’t understand what has happened to the nice gentle but firm style of interrogation.  At one time, it was the gang on the ‘other side’ that had the ruder pushier pundits.