Snap Election Announcement Stuns The Pollsters

All change again at the top – how many more polls and elections are we to endure we ask ourselves!  I must say whilst watching a light weight afternoon chat show, the continuity chap urgently announced that we had to get back to the studio for an urgent News Flash.  Well it turned out to be a very unexpected snap election announcement – taking the House  of Commens, the Upper Chamber and all the general public by surprise.  There are always political pundits who will spend endless minutes in front of the camera pontificating about this partie’s chances or that person’s election promises to he people.

We do have it very easy now.  We have the voting paper come to us if we so desire.  Every household is considered if they meet the specific criteria.  Anyone who has not registered to vote by post by a certain cut off date will have to go down to the polling booth in person.