Letting Grievances Go Might Help Make You Top Dog

When businesses start from the kitchen table – that brilliant business plan that came about from chatter over last night’s dinner.  It is so very exciting to start an enterprise;  the prospect of becoming the next billionnaire may well come into it, or perhaps a feeling of being boxed in by an employer.   You might also have designed or invented something spectacular but had your ‘baby’ removed from your ownership by an less than scrupulous bos.  This sort of  thing needs careful handling and eventually it can be possible to learne so much about the problem and how to action, the focus goes off the problems and into a fledgling new business idea.  Having the guts to start stepping aside from the paid employment up to being your own boss and top dog will make all the difference.   With friends and former colleaguyes in on the plan, you can soon go past the point that clogged things up before.