Businesses Need A Sales Boost All Year Round

The summer months  seem to whizz by quickly.  No sooner has the last Christmas holiday break been put to the back of our minds, Easter slips by, relatively quietly, one or two stores doing better or worse than they had anticipated for mid year figures.  This year, Christmas seems to have started in August.  That may be a bit of an exageration, but to the humble shopper, the advertising and general commercialism feels a bit over the top at times.

Then when discussing the purchasing of Christmas presents with a well known skinflint of this parish, who is a really negative bar humbug character all year round, it became increasingly obvious that if everyone carried on the same way, i.e. stopped buying anything at all for anyone for any reason, then all of our stores would be going bankrupt very rapidly.  There is a constant need for footfall in the shops and ready cash to fill those tills for business to prosper.