Wimbledon, Rio and Brexit Jostling For Interest Quotas

This has certainly been a very peculiar year politically.  It started off as last year drifted away, in austerity mode and the only thing to suggest the year could turn out differently was the talk of the EU in/out referendum for the middle of the year.  That in itself is very rare so much debate could have been raging up and down the high streets of the UK.  There didn’t seem to be that much interest floating around my neck of the woods.

There was Wimbledon to get excited about this year.  A certain AM expected to do well and he did not disappoint.  We then had the Rio Olympics to look forward to of course, we know of course it’s not just good to take part, the excited commentators and newspapers seem to infer the only people worth talking to were the gold medal winners.  And very many the GB had, icluding that man AM again – Hurrah!