11th Hour Breakthrough Might Be True

In these amazingly complicated trading times, it is very difficult to know who to believe with the brexit business.  I’ve just got home from a month overseas and for the most part, I did not have  access to the news broadcasts I’m so used to looking at here at home.  I wasn’t overly bothered as the few bits of news I did see did not fill me with glee or positivity.   However, we do all have to take things a grat deal more seriously now.  At the last count it seemed as if a minute modicum of common sense was prevailing and minute signs of a deal were beginning to appear.    This must be better than crashing out of europe without anything in place, but I wonder, at what cost.  The bully boys in europe are making us pay with a very hard lesson for wanting to break away – they of course are worried sick that other members will follow suit.   We know that customs and excise is a very complicated business – that’s for our own domestic side, but they’re only interested in tarriffs and that’s the part that seems most complicated.  Ho hum.